Image One started their collegiate licensed business in 2009. Our goal is to develop best in class graphics that capture the traditions, history and culture that make every college and university unique. College fans are some of the most passionate sports fans and our gear is comfortable, stylish and historic. Whether you are looking for something to wear to the game, a weekend relaxing or exploring the great outdoors, Image One offers graphics that combine your passion for your team with unique garments that match your style.


Toomers Oaks, Howards Rock, Senior Walk, Enter Sandman and Chief Osceola. All are college campus traditions that make every school unique. At the heart of what we do is capturing those campus traditions into a graphic that allows you to wear those traditions with pride and share them with the world wherever you go.

Whether it's relaxing with in the quad, walking through an iconic building or spending countless hours studying in the library, nothing screams college like the campus experience. We take those experience anddesign t-shirts around them and every time you pull it out of yourcloset, we hope it brings back great memories from your college days.

Saturdays on a college campus are what many live for in the fall. The band, cheerleaders, tailgating and traditions make college football an exciting and unique experience. We make comfortable and trendy apparel with best-in-class graphics that ensure you're gameday ready.

Just because you're in the great outdoors doesn't mean it has to separate you from showing love for your college. Let us help you create a collection of graphics that capture the outdoors around your university. Whether it's the mountains, desert, beach or lake, college fans are enjoying the outdoors and we believe they should do it in apparel that represents their favorite college brand.

Tradition may be the best word to describe a college or university. We take the stories of your university's past and tell stories through apparel by creating a sense of nostalgia for those who graduated long ago and a sense of pride for the students who are present on campus today.

Take our graphics on the go… Image One stickers are laminated with a scratch resistant textured matte finish that prevents fading, adds durability and water resistance. Apply these stickers to vehicle windows, water bottles, laptops and other hard surfaces without the worry of damage.

We have taken the graphics we have always been known for and created canvases to bring our graphics to your home, office, or dorm. These canvases offer a great way to show your team spirit in your home or workspace.