Core7 Values
Customer Focused

We realize we must earn the confidence of the customer daily and the only way to do that is to build relationships and trust that makes a positive difference in our customers lives. We will go above and beyond to create the exceptional customer experience, which will be the focus of our daily work.


The goal of everything we do will be perfection. From the seemingly insignificant to the most important, we will do everything with excellence and expect the same from our co-workers. We practice attention to detail.


We work together with urgency to meet the needs of our customers, exceed their expectations, and help the company win. We value our team, encourage their development and we hold our co-workers accountable for doing things right. We treat each other with respect. We work together, we win together and we celebrate victories together.


We expect everyone to accept responsibility for their work, actions and results. We never say… “it’s not my job”, because we know teamwork accomplishes more. We believe excuses are damaging to personal and company growth and in time lead to mediocrity. Therefore, promises are kept and excuses are not accepted.

Financially Savvy

We will be financially savvy and responsible in all we do. This gives freedom to be excellent, dream big, celebrate and be extremely generous, which in turn allows us to be more customer focused and create great value for our team.

Dream BIG

We see the collective potential of our team and the opportunity in front of us. We will accomplish more together than we could ever dream. We never arrive… we always strive for bigger things.


We commit to doing things right and we stick to our Core7 daily, regardless of the current challenge and temptations to cut corners. No shortcuts are allowed, accepted or tolerated.